Jovem viaja o mundo e registra paisagens com comidas típicas

Blog "Girl Eat World" reúne mais de 388 000 seguidores no Instagram

Comidas apetitosas e paisagens bonitas são fotos clássicas publicadas por usuários do Instagram. A jovem Melissa Hie, porém, reuniu 388 000 seguidores em sua conta por clicar justamente as duas coisas ao mesmo tempo.

Ela viaja o mundo visitando lugares e experimentando pratos igualmente bonitos, tudo para o blog Girl Eat World (garota come o mundo, em tradução livre).

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A conta tem 344 fotos publicadas, todas no mesmo formato: uma paisagem ao fundo com a mão da fotógrafa segurando a comida ao centro, tudo muito colorido. Uma das imagens que mais chama atenção é a clicada em Kyoto, no Japão, com um sorvete de chá verde como protagonista  mais de 26 000 curtidas.

Confira outas paisagens deliciosas clicadas por Melissa:

🇺🇦🧀🗻 I've arrived in #Ukraine! This interestingly shaped item is a smoked string cheese at Verkhovyna, a village in the Carphatian Mountains. The string cheese was braided and knotted into this shape, and to eat it you have to kind of "unravel" the entire thing. I pretty much ate half of this in one sitting 😢 I wish i had bought more! I arrived in Lviv yesterday by sleeper train from Krakow. It was my first time crossing a country border by train. Despite being woken up by border patrols multiple times at ungodly hour of 4am, Ukraine has been amazing. We got picked up straight from the train station at 7am and immediately drove to the Carphatian Mountains, where we stopped by some villages to check out the markets (where I got this string cheese… plus a few other cheeses 😛 and some berry wines) and museums on the way. We stayed overnight in Verkhovyna at Eco cottage and had dinner made of everything that was grown in their farm. In the morning we woke up early did a short three hour hike for this amazing view. I will definitely be writing a more detailed post on this in my blog. Today I will be checking out Lviv and getting on yet another sleeper train to Kyiv! Let me know if you have Kyiv recommendations 😀

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🇦🇺 My 9-day road trip at @queensland blog post is up at @cheapticketssg blog! click on the link above to read it 🔝. It was such a fun road trip. I'll be writing more pieces for my blog as well, so stay tuned 🙂 . This one is an oyster from Coffin Bay, South Australia at Mooloolaba fish market in Sunshine Coast, shucked fresh daily. Yes I had a lot of oysters during the trip – they were so affordable and fresh that I just can't say no. They go for AU$22 a dozen which is cheaper than happy hour prices in Singapore 😋 Definitely a must whenever you are in Aussie! . After this, we took a scenic drive up David Low way along the beach to Noosa. It was amazing and every stop point was postcard-worthy. . #thisisqueensland #restaurantaustralia #australia #visitsunshinecoast

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🇦🇺🌴🏄🏖 Hello everybody! I landed in Brisbane at 6am this morning for a trip with @cheapticketssg and @queensland. I'll be here in Queensland for the next week! follow my adventures on @cheapticketssg where I will be posting pictures and stories. . I drove down to Gold Coast (well i didn't, @yurikoval did), where we have been exploring non stop since then. It's beautiful here! I had smashed avo toast for brunch, a flat white, betty's burger for lunch, fish and chips for dinner… basically the aussie staples 🤤. We also did a super cool climb at Skypoint, Australia's highest building with amazing 360 view of Gold Coast! . Everytime I come to Australia, I learn something new about coffee! Here is what I learned so far: 1. When ordering coffee, they will ask if you want it in a cup or a mug. if you say mug the coffee will come in a huge cup as pictured. is this a Gold Coast thing?! 2. on my last trip I learned about "magic" coffee in Melbourne. this time, I noticed turmeric latte is becoming a trend here! it's practically in every cafe. @singasongjess told me about it a few months back, but i had never heard of it before. . #gc2018 #thisisqueensland #queensland #australia #flatwhite

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Good day, Shanghai 🇨🇳 Bingtang hu lu while strolling around The Bund. Bing tang hu lu is a candied fruit snack on skewers that is very popular in China. I love it – the taste is a wonderful mix of sweet and a tinge of sour, and the texture is a contrast of crunchy on the outside from the hard candy coating and soft in the inside from the fruit itself. I can never finish the entire skewer by myself though! 😵 It's a bit cloudy in the picture but since then the weather in Shanghai has just been absolutely perfect! It's a bit cold for me because I get cold very easily, but I can't really complain with 15C, clear blue skies and sunshine. I hope you are enjoying the last day of 2016 🙂 i sure will be! Happy New Year everybody! #ShotOniPhone #GirlEatWorld #GirlEatShanghai

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